Gas meter pulse transmitter
What is this?

top position "ITRON" type
20 €

  • Itron
  • Főgáz (Hungary)
  • Actaris
  • Rombach
  • Schlumberger

bottom position "elster" type
20 €

  • Elster
  • Flogistron
  • Kromschroeder
  • Metrix

What is this?

On the most common gas utility meters there are sockets for pulse readout modules to make the meter remote readable.

Our product fits the connectors of the mentioned gas meters making them smart meters in an easy and cheap way.

The impulse module is easy and legal to install without damaging the seal, and does not contain a magnet. In addition to the pulse signaling function, there are two additional wires for disruption detection, which can be used for tamper protection.

The price is only 20€ (shipping included).


For a smarter world!


Meter reading can be automatic, with additional equipment.


The price is only 20€ (shipping incl.)


Our module produced in Hungary, so the shipping will be fast and reliable.

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