SKU: Geckollect-PO

Passive optical transmitter

LED based optical pulse transmitter for pulse counting.

The Geckollect-PO optical pulse transmitter can read the consumption of properly designed (electric) meters and make it available in the form of a pulse signal. The device implements a so-called low-frequency transmitter, which behaves like a pressed switch after the amount of consumption determined by the meter, thereby indicating to the read out device that consumption has occurred on the meter.

It is recommended to use only indoors, shaded from direct light.

The device does not need a power supply.

This pulse transmitter can be installed by non-trained personnel.

It is easy to integrate into various readout systems, like ESPhome and HomeAssistant. It provides a switch output after a predefined electricity amount went through the meter. The pulse to watt volume conversion is noted on the specific meter.

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