SKU: Geckollect-GI

Top position, Itron type

Reed relay module for pulse counting.

This is an aftermarket gas meter pulse transmitter compatible with meters from Itron, Flogistron, Actaris, Rombach, Schlumberg, etc. (see on picture) for G1.6, G2.5, G4, G6, G10, G16, G25, G40 sizes.

This pulse transmitter can be installed by non-trained personnel without breaking a seal, and does not contain a magnet. The pulse module can only be fixed in an open transmitter nest.

It is easy to integrate into various readout systems, like ESPhome and HomeAssistant. It provides a switch output which connects for a time after a predefined gas amount went through the meter. The pulse to gas volume conversion is noted on the specific meter.

The reed contact work at the following pulse = measuring unit:

G2.5 - G6:1 pulse=0.01m3
G10 - G40:1 pulse=0.1m3

The reed contact does not work at the following pulse = measuring unit:

G2.5 - G6:1 pulse=0.1m3
G10 - G40:1 pulse=1m3

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