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Technical Data Sheet and Declaration of Conformity

Geckollect-GI is a reed contact module for pulse counting

Main characteristics:
  • Pulse-based operation
  • No power supply needed
  • High sensitivity
  • 10W switching power
  • Waterproof, solid design
  • Between G2.5 and G6: 1 pulse = 0.01 m³
  • Between G10 and G65: 1 pulse = 0.1 m³
  • G100: 1 pulse = 1 m³
  • Designed for Itron, Actaris, Schlumberger, Flogiston gas meters
General description:

The Geckollect-GI pulse transmitter unit can measure the consumption of properly designed gas meters and make it available in a pulse signal.

The device implements a so-called low-frequency transmitter, which, after the amount of consumption determined by the meter, behaves like a pressed switch, thereby indicating to the remote reading unit that consumption has occurred on the meter.

Geckollect-GI reed contact module

Installation and Operation:

The device must be inserted into the corresponding opening of the gas meter.

When the magnet (Totaliser) arrives, the circuit changes from previously open to closed. This gives the pulse signal.

A reading device capable of reading pulse data is required for its operation. No power supply is required for operation.

According to the gas meter manufacturer's data sheet, the pulse width and resolution are fixed and cannot be changed.

Thanks to the design of the sensor, it is waterproof, but it is not recommended to bury the cable freely in the ground or expose it to direct strong sunlight, as this can damage the insulation. The cable is not shielded.

Maximum and recommended operational range
Parameter Min. Typical Max. Unit
Storage temperature -30 20 80 °C
Operating temperature -20 20 60 °C
Humidity 100 RH %
Operating voltage 5 48 V (DC)
Current 100 mA (DC)
Power 10 W

Violation of these limits may cause irreparable damage to the device.

Please note that the device contains a sensitive reed switch, so it is highly sensitive to shocks and rapid temperature changes - handle with caution.

Sizes and electricity info

Measuring head:

High11 mm
Width51 mm
Depth19 mm
Cable length1000 mm

Geometric sizes are without the cable. The length of the cable may very a few percent.

red cablepulse + (polarity independent)
black cablepulse - (polarity independent)